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The Official Papi N Tati State Of California Official Voter Information Guide

My fellow California voters,

If you received the Official Voter Information Guide (OVIG), you've realized that it's about 1,532 pages long (it's actually 222 pages long but if you start reading it, it feels like 1,532).  We here at Papi N Tati's Happenings felt the need to share how Papi will be voting this election.  Tati isn't old enough to vote yet but she did vote for the Green Party during the mock election at her school.  Our main focus will be on the propositions which generally have the most information to go through.

So as to not make this post feel like 1,532 pages long, let's get to it:

Prop 51:  School Bonds.  Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
1.  California does not need anymore debt.
2.  It feels like every November we get one of these "think of the kids" measures.  Where the heck has all the money from those propositions gone?  What we really need are audits of school districts and clean up how money is being spent.

Prop 52:  Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute.
Vote:  No (it's probably going to pass by a wide-margin though.)
The federal government should give the matching funds back to the taxpayers whose money it was in the first place.  The federal government would find another way to blow through this money though.

Prop 53: Revenue Bonds.  Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment
Vote:  Yes
Most local projects should come well beneath the $2 billion amount.  The idea of local projects being threatened by this is a bit absurd.  If $2 billion of state money are being used for any project, I would definitely like to have access to see how it's being spent.

Prop 54: Legislature.  Legislation and Proceedings.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote Yes
Granted this is more symbolic than anything else.  Legislators should have to read what they're voting for or against.  This will make it at least somewhat easier for the public to see what their elected officials are voting for or against.

Prop 55:  Tax Extension To Fund Education and Healthcare.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Vote:  No
Refer to point 2 on Prop 51.  No amount of money will ever be enough if spending isn't controlled at the district level.

Prop 56:  Cigarette Tax To Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote:  No
Smokers are people too and they're already taxed enough.  Stop picking on them.  Smokers are easy targets because they're a smaller group.  There would be a huge uproar if an additional tax was proposed for alcohol sales or for commonly abused prescription drugs.

Prop 57:  Criminal Sentences.  Parole.  Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote:  Yes
Our criminal justice system is broken.  We've got people in jail for growing marijuana while some violent criminals get a revolving door in and out of jail.

Prop 58:  English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute.
Vote:  Yes
Our kids need to catch up with the rest of the world.  We need to empower our schools and teachers do what's best for students.  This doesn't mean schools will change the way they teach it but we can definitely do a better job of preparing our kids to be a part of a global economy.

Prop 59:  Corporations. Political Spending.  Federal Constitutional Protections.  Legislative Advisory Question.
Vote:  No
This is an absolute joke.  Big money is going to come into politics if this isn't passed?  If you don't know that big money is already insanely involved in politics at the state and federal level then you are not competent enough to vote.

Prop 60:  Adult Films.  Condoms.  Health Requirements.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This is a perfect example of why it's important to read the content of the proposals.  In the OVIG, on page 69 (seriously) read the "Allows Individuals to Bring Lawsuits on Regulatory Violations".  This went from protecting performers to allowing any resident to file a lawsuit whether they are involved in the industry or not.

Prop 61:  State Prescription Drug Purchases.  Pricing Standards.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
I realize that Bernieacs might blindly follow their money-hungry leader's support of this proposition because they're stupid.  If we look at how the makers Daraprim and EpiPen have worked, it is simple to understand that pharmaceutical companies are about their shareholders first.  There's nothing in the proposition that would prevent these companies from simply raising the price paid by the Veterans Affairs.

Prop 62:  Death Penalty.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  Yes
More taxpayer money is spent on the process of appeals and court actions than what it would cost to keep criminals in jail for life without the possibility of parole.

Prop 63:  Firearms.  Ammunition Sales.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
Keep in mind that Mexico has gun control that does not allow private ownership of firearms.  How well has that worked?  We need people control instead.

Prop 64:  Marijuana Legalization.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
Let's be honest, there would never be a straightforward proposition regarding this.  It's not how politics works.  The Allocation of Certain State Tax revenues (OVIG page 94) is particularly shady.  Millions of taxpayer dollars would be going to "clean up and prevent environmental damage resulting from illegal growing of marijuana" for example. This is better handled with local initiatives like what Costa Mesa has on the ballot.

Prop 65:  Carryout Bags.  Charges.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This doesn't phase out plastic bags.  It creates a new tax.

Prop 66:  Death Penalty.  Procedures.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This initially sounds good but it would add another layer to a bad process.  OVIG, page 106: "ensure competent representation and expand the number of attorneys that can represent condemned inmates".  This is how messed up the process is we're going to remove some lawyers and then add more than there already is in the system.  Just stop.

Prop 67:  Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags.  Referendum.
Vote:  No
While this sounds good, the proposition enables the applicable retailers (the proposition allows for exceptions) to add to their profits by selling the grocery bags.  What we need is better people control.  Put the frickin' bags in the frickin' recycling bin.

President & Vice-President
Gary Johnson and Bill Weld - Libertarian
Trump has done enough damage to himself.  There's no point in listing all the reasons why I won't vote for him.  The one thing I can agree with him on though is that Hillary belongs behind bars.  If not for Benghazi then at least for her shady dealings with Tyson Foods and cattle futures.  Nevertheless, the average American voter prefers to be told who to vote for instead of researching their candidates.

United States Senator
They're both Democrats which makes things easier.  Loretta Sanchez is an Angels fan.  Kamala Harris is fwine (at least compared to what other politicians look like, but she fine tho regardless) and she wears Chucks.

I hope this breakdown has helped some of you out.

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