Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Official Papi N Tati State Of California Official Voter Information Guide

My fellow California voters,

If you received the Official Voter Information Guide (OVIG), you've realized that it's about 1,532 pages long (it's actually 222 pages long but if you start reading it, it feels like 1,532).  We here at Papi N Tati's Happenings felt the need to share how Papi will be voting this election.  Tati isn't old enough to vote yet but she did vote for the Green Party during the mock election at her school.  Our main focus will be on the propositions which generally have the most information to go through.

So as to not make this post feel like 1,532 pages long, let's get to it:

Prop 51:  School Bonds.  Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
1.  California does not need anymore debt.
2.  It feels like every November we get one of these "think of the kids" measures.  Where the heck has all the money from those propositions gone?  What we really need are audits of school districts and clean up how money is being spent.

Prop 52:  Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program. Initiative Constitutional Amendment And Statute.
Vote:  No (it's probably going to pass by a wide-margin though.)
The federal government should give the matching funds back to the taxpayers whose money it was in the first place.  The federal government would find another way to blow through this money though.

Prop 53: Revenue Bonds.  Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment
Vote:  Yes
Most local projects should come well beneath the $2 billion amount.  The idea of local projects being threatened by this is a bit absurd.  If $2 billion of state money are being used for any project, I would definitely like to have access to see how it's being spent.

Prop 54: Legislature.  Legislation and Proceedings.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote Yes
Granted this is more symbolic than anything else.  Legislators should have to read what they're voting for or against.  This will make it at least somewhat easier for the public to see what their elected officials are voting for or against.

Prop 55:  Tax Extension To Fund Education and Healthcare.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Vote:  No
Refer to point 2 on Prop 51.  No amount of money will ever be enough if spending isn't controlled at the district level.

Prop 56:  Cigarette Tax To Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote:  No
Smokers are people too and they're already taxed enough.  Stop picking on them.  Smokers are easy targets because they're a smaller group.  There would be a huge uproar if an additional tax was proposed for alcohol sales or for commonly abused prescription drugs.

Prop 57:  Criminal Sentences.  Parole.  Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Vote:  Yes
Our criminal justice system is broken.  We've got people in jail for growing marijuana while some violent criminals get a revolving door in and out of jail.

Prop 58:  English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute.
Vote:  Yes
Our kids need to catch up with the rest of the world.  We need to empower our schools and teachers do what's best for students.  This doesn't mean schools will change the way they teach it but we can definitely do a better job of preparing our kids to be a part of a global economy.

Prop 59:  Corporations. Political Spending.  Federal Constitutional Protections.  Legislative Advisory Question.
Vote:  No
This is an absolute joke.  Big money is going to come into politics if this isn't passed?  If you don't know that big money is already insanely involved in politics at the state and federal level then you are not competent enough to vote.

Prop 60:  Adult Films.  Condoms.  Health Requirements.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This is a perfect example of why it's important to read the content of the proposals.  In the OVIG, on page 69 (seriously) read the "Allows Individuals to Bring Lawsuits on Regulatory Violations".  This went from protecting performers to allowing any resident to file a lawsuit whether they are involved in the industry or not.

Prop 61:  State Prescription Drug Purchases.  Pricing Standards.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
I realize that Bernieacs might blindly follow their money-hungry leader's support of this proposition because they're stupid.  If we look at how the makers Daraprim and EpiPen have worked, it is simple to understand that pharmaceutical companies are about their shareholders first.  There's nothing in the proposition that would prevent these companies from simply raising the price paid by the Veterans Affairs.

Prop 62:  Death Penalty.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  Yes
More taxpayer money is spent on the process of appeals and court actions than what it would cost to keep criminals in jail for life without the possibility of parole.

Prop 63:  Firearms.  Ammunition Sales.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
Keep in mind that Mexico has gun control that does not allow private ownership of firearms.  How well has that worked?  We need people control instead.

Prop 64:  Marijuana Legalization.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
Let's be honest, there would never be a straightforward proposition regarding this.  It's not how politics works.  The Allocation of Certain State Tax revenues (OVIG page 94) is particularly shady.  Millions of taxpayer dollars would be going to "clean up and prevent environmental damage resulting from illegal growing of marijuana" for example. This is better handled with local initiatives like what Costa Mesa has on the ballot.

Prop 65:  Carryout Bags.  Charges.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This doesn't phase out plastic bags.  It creates a new tax.

Prop 66:  Death Penalty.  Procedures.  Initiative Statute.
Vote:  No
This initially sounds good but it would add another layer to a bad process.  OVIG, page 106: "ensure competent representation and expand the number of attorneys that can represent condemned inmates".  This is how messed up the process is we're going to remove some lawyers and then add more than there already is in the system.  Just stop.

Prop 67:  Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags.  Referendum.
Vote:  No
While this sounds good, the proposition enables the applicable retailers (the proposition allows for exceptions) to add to their profits by selling the grocery bags.  What we need is better people control.  Put the frickin' bags in the frickin' recycling bin.

President & Vice-President
Gary Johnson and Bill Weld - Libertarian
Trump has done enough damage to himself.  There's no point in listing all the reasons why I won't vote for him.  The one thing I can agree with him on though is that Hillary belongs behind bars.  If not for Benghazi then at least for her shady dealings with Tyson Foods and cattle futures.  Nevertheless, the average American voter prefers to be told who to vote for instead of researching their candidates.

United States Senator
They're both Democrats which makes things easier.  Loretta Sanchez is an Angels fan.  Kamala Harris is fwine (at least compared to what other politicians look like, but she fine tho regardless) and she wears Chucks.

I hope this breakdown has helped some of you out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why I Created This Page

Hello, is this thing on?.......HELLO!?  Ooh too loud...

Hi there!  It's been a while.  We haven't been doing much now that Tati is teenager because I'm apparently not as cool as I used to be.  What the heck ever!  I'm still pretty cool.....I think.  Anyway, Tati is super busy with school.  I'm busy with work, trying to keep her in check, and BJJ of course.  I'm thinking of starting a weekly journal/blog about training and working out and stuff but we'll see.

We're pretty excited about 2016 and everything it has in store.  It's almost like we're in a period of transition and it's scary as heck, at least for me.  I think Tati kinda feels it too though.  She's making that final transition from being a child into a young adult.

Sometimes we'll be in the car talking and I trip out that it feels like I'm talking to a grown person.  I think she feels the change too because it seems to matter more to her now that we do things together.  I've always known that no matter how much I may want to take care of her, there will be a time where she will want to (and will have to) fend for herself.  Our children can't be ours forever.

The clock was ticking ever since she was born.  She wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't be all mine forever.  She someday very soon will belong to her friends or to a significant other.  By no means will I be out of her life, but children grow up and become their own person and have their own life.

I created this page to share our laughs and more importantly to save a record of our story.....but there's more to it than that.  This page was built from an enormous amount of negative energy.  I used that energy as fuel to make the bond of our family grow.

A few months before the picture above was taken (shoutout to Al for capturing this moment), Tati needed to get bloodwork done for the very first time.  I was totally clueless as to what to do and was learning on the job.  When they started drawing blood she started to cry, of course, and so did I.  I didn't know what else to do other than to try to comfort her.

Very deep down inside I was hurt and angry. We should not have been in that lab room by ourselves.  Someone that should have been there, chose not to be.  I wasn't about to channel my negativity out towards Tati however and I've always done my absolute best to give her nothing but positive energy, even now.

I had a hunch back then that we would end up being our own team.  Before she was 2, we officially did.  We became our own family.  Sure, she has her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my awesome friends, and so on but at our core we were a family of 2.  Team Papi & Tati.  What better way to celebrate our family than sharing it?

Through the years, I've had faith in karma that she would discover things for herself.  That faith and patience, a helluva lot of patience, have led us to today.  Without my having to speak ill of anyone, she has learned to see who is who and recognize what is what when it comes to family.

New Years Eve is our family thing, where we usually go out and have a blast as we ring in the new year.  This NYE felt like we took things back to our beginning.  Where we laughed and played as we welcomed the calendar change at Grand Park in L.A.  Since City Walk stopped doing their shindig, this may be our new party spot for as long as we keep celebrating it.


Alright, that's enough deepness.  We'll get back to our usual silliness and misadventures as we prepare for Anime Los Angeles which is going down at the end of the Ontario which makes total sense hahahaha see you then.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tati's 15era

Alright, the subject matter of this page might be changing since Tati has her own blog now but let me bring everyone up to speed.  We are now waist deep into the teenage years.  Truth be told there were doubts as to whether or not there would be a 15era because Tati wasn't feeling it but her mom, nina, and grandma on mom's side were all for it.

For those of you not familiar with a 15era, it's a cross between a birthday party and a wedding.  There's tension, drama, nerves, budgets that are enough for buying a new Honda Civic hatchback, and you don't have a groom's side of the family to help out with the expenses.  And away we went, stressful and sleepless nights led up to the big event and aside from the A/C in the limo not working properly (I still need to bash them on Yelp over it) things went quite well.

I knew Tati's mom was probably going to be stressing her out and making isht crazy, so I went over to her mom's place to wait for her to come outside before she got in the notorious limo.  My tie was crooked but my Chucks were on so it's all good.  Making Tati laugh was important to me for the long day ahead

The first stop was St Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Chino.  Even though 15eras are not sacrament, they traditionally have a religious ceremony that I understand and respect.  I have no idea why Tati kept looking back in my direction as I wasn't doin' nothin'.  I have no idea why her mom was looking in my direction either.  I WASN'T DOIN' NOTHIN'.

I don't know why my comadre was looking in my direction either on this one.  I still wasn't doin' nothin'. 

Dude, stop!  I ain't doin' nothin'. Even my compadre knows that the photographer was just trying to get me into trouble but I was totally innocent.  Maybe Tati was trying to get me to break.
 I started to get annoyed with this persecution and prosecution as I was totally not doin' nothin'.
See?!?!?!  I was just sitting there with my lil sister paying close attention to the great service.  Mom was umm...resting her eyes, but dad was kinda hungry though.

These things can sometimes run long.  Tati was getting a bit tired.  My compadre was a bit thirsty, an ice cold beer would hit the spot right about now.
No wait, my compadre knows where he's at.  He would never be thinking about beer while at church.  He was thinking about an ice cold  glass of lemonade...honest.
Aww yeah!   Now it's time for everyone to make a donation and I'd like to thank the congregation and my affiliation to the Jiu-Jitsu nation.

Sadly sometimes I forget to keep the homie part of me in check and my chin manages to find a way out.  Tia Leslie was there, hopefully she can help me keep things in check, but she was too busy talkin smack about some skanks.
Alright, nevermind, we need to bring mom and dad in to help restore order.  Tia Leslie does a better job of behaving when mom and dad are around.  I ALWAYS behave myself properly like at all times....really.

We were done at the church so it was time to head over to English Springs Park in Chino Hills for the almost mandatory park photoshoot.  To be honest, we all wanted to get this over with ASAP so we can get to the hall and get our party on.

Tati kinda dug the whole acting like a model thing for a bit, but it got old fast because she could only do the girly thing for so long.

She got to show off her shoes here a little bit,  I don't think they would've been too happy at the church if they noticed the Death The Kid skulls from Soul Eater on her shoes with inverted colors.

 I got caught up in the goofy modelesque posing for a teeny tiny bit......alright let's get the heck outta here.
Off to the hall we go.  Fiesta Mexicana in Montclair was our destination.  The rest of the day was just time to chill and party with our friends.

The sign of a good party?  The bar was barely opening up and people were already about to get back-handed up in this mug.

I was so very happy that my lil sis was able to get back from her deployment in time for the party.  Even if she hadn't been able to make it to the party, I was just happy that she was home safe.

Tati's friends being there made the night complete for her.

I was very happy that my hearts were altogether with me.

In spite of the struggles and stress, it was all worth it for my baby bear's smile.  The cake stand was awesome though!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting Off The Grid

Holy crap, I didn't realize it had been this long since I posted anything on here.  Then again, maybe that will help me drive home the point of this post.  We get so caught up and bogged down by trivial things that it puts things out of focus.  I mean seriously, if Kim & Kanye have an actual impact on your life then you actually need to get one. 

Tati's 8th grade trip was to spend a week at Sequoia National Park  I got to go along as a chaperone because even though I'm not a seasoned camper, I can at least fake it pretty good.  Plus the principal and Tati's teacher know that I'm pretty chill and would keep things drama free.

Internet and cell phone reception is spotty at best.  We're not glampers so we didn't bring along a TV or computer.  A propane stove and a telescope are as high tech as we got.  Being isolated that way really helps put things in perspective.  It makes it pretty clear what's important in your life and what isn't.  My only gripe is that there were no showers close by.  My next camping related purchase will be a portable shower with the solar bag thing that heats up the water.

The trip was made special  by nature itself. 

We had just gotten done setting up camp when some mule deer cruised on by and found some dinner.  We brought our own food but they made whatever was in this tree look tasty.

If we thought the deers got close enough, the squirrels were there to prove otherwise.  They know that humans bring food and they work the cuteness factor so that grub accidentally gets dropped on the floor.  They'll slide underneath your chair even if you're in it.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the squirrel that swiped a marshmallow out of the fire pit.  Hilarity ensued because some of the marshmallow got stuck on its paw and while it was struggling to get it off another squirrel dove on it for a bite.

On our first full day we decided to go on a hike on the Marble Falls Trail.  The trail is 3.7 miles out, the terrain is a bit rugged, and the elevation change is considerable.  Most all of us were pretty well prepared with water and appropriate footwear.  One important lesson we learned about hiking this trail is to wear light colored clothes.  2 of our campers ended up needing to have ticks removed.  The journey had a couple of issues but it was well worth it for this view of Marble Falls.  This was the #3 coolest thing on the trip for me.

#2 on my coolest thing about this trip was getting to see the General Sherman Tree.  THE Largest Tree (by volume) On Earth.  Go ahead, I'll give you time to Google it since I know how some of you are.  275ft tall, 25ft diameter.  One really cool thing about where the tree is located is that handicap parking is available and the walk to get to it is about half a while going downhill.  You can pick people up down by the handicap parking if they can't make the trek back up to the top.

The absolute #1 coolest thing on the trip wasn't even on the itinerary.  It's one of those things you hope to see but know that it may not happen.  Heading south from where the General Sherman tree, before you reach the Crystal Cavern, I saw something that stuck out in the scenery and yelled out to everyone in the car what I saw "BEAR!".  Once we pulled over and got out we realized that there were actually 4 bears.  A mom and 3 cubs.  The mom was eating while 2 of the cubs were wrestling around and the 3rd was climbing up a tree.  We stayed for a little while to just watch them, it's an entirely different experience from seeing them in a zoo.  (Yes my old camera sucks, if nothing else this justifies finally getting a new camera lol)

It was an amazing trip that I'm sure the kids won't forget.  I'm hoping to go back next year, sometime after this business of Tati's 15era is over and done with.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Papi N Tati Go Camping

It may come as a shock to some of you that I have never gone camping or fishing.  That's right, Papi is a city slicker.  So when the opportunity came up to go on a camping trip with some of the other families from Tati's school, we signed up in a heartbeat.

Losing phone reception and not having wi-fi for a weekend really isn't that bad.  It was some much needed R&R and we can't wait to go back again, specially now that I know what the heck I'm doing lol.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Papi N Tati's Trip To The Anime Expo

Let's get the ugly stuff out of the way first, going to the Anime Expo involves waiting in lines LOTS of them.  It took us about 90 minutes just to get our registration badges so we could actually go into the expo and we got there at 9am and the line was actually moving at a decent pace.

For panels, video presentations, autograph sessions, or whatever the heck else you want to see there will probably be huge lines for that too, so get there early.

Now to the good stuff.  Even with the horrendous lines, Tati and I love the Anime Expo.

We'll get the 4-day pass next year for sure.  For her she gets to see, merch and stuff from animes and mangas that she enjoys.  For me it brings back the magic of when I first watched Robotech Macross Saga, brings back the feeling of what Comicon used to be like (when it was actually about comics), and it gives me some great bonding time with Tati.  We didn't go crazy buying stuff there but we could've done so very, very easily.

We went all out this year with our cosplay.  We're all about Fullmetal Alchemist still.  Tati went as Winry Rockbell and I gladly accepted the challenge of trying to be Alphonse Elric.  My costume took a beating, a shoulder spike was lost and my loin cloth / apron deal wouldn't stay in place.  What was supposed to be the pieces of armor covering my thighs didn't even make it out of the parking lot.

In spite of that, the costume was a big hit.  Too big of a hit actually as it started to get a bit crazy with how many people wanted to take pictures of or with me and the armor.  We ended up going through the exhibit hall once and then went back to the car to change out of my armor and rest for a bit.  It's great getting the attention but it starts to get to you a bit when you start feeling tired and a bit dehydrated.

It's great being able to go back through the exhibit hall as a normal person.  The Artist Alley is a must.  Tati and I bought some vinyl decals, prints, and a bookmark.

Even as draining as it was, it was still great to be a superhero for a few hours.  Can't wait to do it all bigger and better in 2014.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

P.U.F.F. - Case 1 - San Juan Capistrano Mission

Let me preface this by pointing out that we are NOT nor do we pretend to be educated investigators.  We will not claim that any of our findings are paranormal, but they are interesting pieces of research that we were able to retrieve.  It may be possible that experts in the paranormal field may be able to easily debunk what we find and we're ok with that.

We simply are what the last F in our initials stands for, Paranormal Ultimate Frickin' Fans.